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M-F: 6AM-4PM

Sa-Su: 8AM-4PM

Portland's only Native-owned coffeehouse, serving the Cully neighborhood with a carefully curated roster of Native and local roasters, locally sourced beverages, and a selection of delicious baked goods lovingly created on premises. 


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The Bison Coffeehouse Story

The dream that led to here

It had been a long journey on the road that led proprietor,  Loretta Guzman, to lovingly launch the dream that became Bison Coffeehouse in 2014. Every aspect of the shop is infused with a sense of intention and tells its own story. That story is deeply rooted in a sense of Native ancestry, a passion for comfort food, and a dedication to community. 


Bison Coffeehouse Principles

Our values are the foundation on which Bison Coffeehouse is built on. 

"I want this place to represent myself and my people—past and present."

- Loretta Guzman 

Proprietor of Bison Coffeehouse

Product Offerings

Great Coffee. Delicious baked goods. Local. Sustainable 

We offer a menu of delicious coffee beverages from single-source, native and local roasters, as well as a variety of locally-sourced beverages, and fresh baked goods. 



Doing what we can to make the world a better place.


Bison Coffeehouse is a staunch supporter of advocacy groups that further the betterment of Native People, as well as the local community. 

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