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 Values and causes that Bison Coffeehouse promotes and advocates for. 

Promoting local vendors

Being a small business, we believe it is important to support local small businesses here in Portland, so we can thrive together. We carry a carefully curated selection of local vendors that include: 

Promoting Native roasters

Bison Coffeehouse supports Native Coffee Roasters on the reservations across the United States. This helps to slow the colonization of Natives, and also to help to have a better life on the reservation by being able to be self sustaining.

Engaged in local community

Bison Coffeehouse proprietor, Loretta Guzman, sits on the Cully Blvd Alliance (CBA)  board and is invested in making positive changes that impact the future of the surrounding community.  Cully Blvd Alliance Community Organization Facebook.

Bison Coffeehouse is a community member of Oregon Native American Chambers (ONAC) . Loretta Guzman was integral in the business development of the (ONE) PDX Oregon Native Enterprise program, which was created to help other entrepreneurs with business. Organization Website  |   Organization Facebook page

Preserving the bison in the wild

Bison Coffeehouse has hosted events for the Buffalo Field Campaign in efforts to save and preserve the life of the bison on National Forest lands. 

Reducing substance affected pregnancies in the local Native community

Bison Coffeehouse regularly hosts poetry readings for Future Generation Collaborative (FGC) to promote their efforts to reduce substance affected pregnancies in the local Native community in Portland, Oregon.

Missing Murdered Indigenous People

Bison Coffeehouse has raised money through raffles ticket sales, donations, and from other products by raising awareness for our Missing Murdered Indigenous People. We sent donations to the MMIW database and the Sahnish Scouts of North Dakota to help them in their efforts to give our missing, murdered indigenous people a voice and provide the  families with closure. This is a world wide issue for Native Americans. MMIW DATABASE  |  Sahnish Scouts of North Dakota Nonprofit Facebook

We also opened our doors for 'The Women of the Medicine Wheel Ride',  which coordinated a route across the USA and Canada  under the title   'Riding for MMIW '  to raise awareness for the cause.

Water infrastructure crisis at Warm Springs Reservation

"A short drive from Portland, thousands of people, a rural health clinic, businesses and senior housing are without safe tap water, while some places don’t have running water at all." (OPB News Article)

Bison Coffeehouse helped to take in donations of water  and other needed supplies for the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs reservation

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